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Supply Your Own Fabric



One of my favourite orders to work on are the ones that have lots of special and unique features.

I love working with customers to create something that is so precious and carries a special value by adding and using the things that they cherish and hold dear.


Dolls are not only something to play with but they can also hold memories.


If you would like to supply your own fabric to be used in making the dolls please read this before making a purchase.


The fabric you provide can be:

Child’s old clothing

Loved ones clothing

And in general something that is special to you


We recommend something that gives good amount of material to work with. So if you are wanting to use onesies for example, maybe supply 2 or even 3.


We also recommend something that doesn’t have lots of stretch. To check this, check if your fabric stretches from all side (4way stretch) this is the type that would be a bit difficult to use.

 Please select own fabric to checkout and message directly for instructions on how and where to send your fabric.


Thank you so much